Trusting God for What You Can’t See

976132030603e7cd4f02647e9af34198Proverbs 3:5 (NRSV)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not rely on your own insight.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart? Lean not on our own understanding? I’ve read this passage of scripture dozens of times. I love God and believe in Him wholeheartedly, but the control freak in me often has a problem with the trusting part. Trusting beyond sight takes an extreme amount of faith that I’m not so sure I always have, especially when my present reality doesn’t suggest that God is doing anything but ignoring my needs. Don’t judge but read with an open mind and prayerful spirit.

There are current and past situations in my life that took my breath away and not in the warm and fuzzy way. I pray and cry and cry and pray, yet I get up and nothing changes. I have no control of it and that’s unsettling. I submit to you that it’s easy to trust AND believe when your understanding is clearly in front of your face. Things are going accordingly to plan (your plan, that is) and God is a good God – yes He is! What about when times are dark and you don’t know if God even heard you let alone that He’s working it out for your good? That is when you’re leaning on your own understanding. It doesn’t look good, but just when you’re at your wit’s end and ready to give up – hold on because He’s coming. It’s darkest just before daybreak!

Every tear I’ve cried was because of my own understanding of my present reality and not trusting God will do what He promised. Yea, I heard Him, but when is He gonna do what I heard? I need to know dates, times, play by plays. “HA!” says God. If we knew how it would play out, there would be no need to trust Him. Faith would be a mute point. Who needs faith if you know what’s gonna happen? You have to surrender!faith-is-trusting-god-even-when-you-dont-understand-his-plan-quote-2

Surrender your heart completely to trusting the Lord no matter what it looks like. He’s got it under control even when we’re stressing over our own understanding. Even if you must cry because it hurts, praise Almighty God. Don’t lean on what you see but who He is. God knows you’re hurting. He sees it. Sometimes it’s needful and necessary to make a better you, so go on through it. He’s there. We’re not privy to know what He’s doing, but we’ll appreciate it when He’s done. Just because you think it should be worked out in a year or few months doesn’t move God to action. And when our deadline isn’t met, we jump in to “help,” mess it all up, then we’re back on our knees screaming to God about where is He when you need Him.

keep-trusting-god-he-is-always-in-control-even-when-your-circumstances-may-seem-out-of-control-quote-1God will let you do exactly what you want – in His will or nah. When it falls apart, you’ll be back and being the grace-filled, forgiving God that He is will STILL do what He was gonna do while you were messing around in His business. He doesn’t need our forgiveness for not sending the blessing when we wanted it. We need HIS forgiveness for not trusting in Him. It’s human nature to believe what we see, but it isn’t God nature. He can do what seems impossible. Give whatever to Him and do your best to leave it there. Constantly leaning on our own understanding leaves us sick, upset, angry, bitter, and resentful, but if we’d just TRUST, WAIT and WATCH, God will ALWAYS come through as promised in HIS time.

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Vyce (prounounced Vee-see) is the creative genius behind the VMJ Media Group. Imagination. Creative. Social; three words often used to describe dynamic social media influencer, writer and speaker, Vyce Moses-Johnson. Vyce is inspired by her faith, life experiences, motivating others and using her gifts.She is married to Michael Johnson and they have one son, Xavier, affectionately known as "Sir" in social media land.

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