10 Lessons at 40


download (4)As I approach my 40th birthday, I thought about blogging 40 things I’ve learned in 40 years, but that would be a bit lengthy, so I decided to keep it to 10. Some of these lessons I learned the hard way while a couple are pretty simple in nature, but nonetheless, they are my truths. Happy birthday to me!

  1. I’ve come to realize that I’m pretty dang ok. While I still sometimes struggle with acceptance, I know that some will and some won’t. Either way, it’s fine with me or it will be, trust that.
  2. Vyce at 20 is NOT the same at 40, and if it was, I would like someone to check me in love. I know that I’m not perfect and trying to be will keep you frustrated and in a state of defeat. I miss the mark sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I fail. I learn and move on.
  3. My adult life is very much a result of my childhood. Things I’ve experienced, I’m sure, have been experienced by others, but how I dealt with them wasn’t always healthy. Turning a blind eye to your problems in an “out of sight; out of mind” type way is not healthy. DEAL WITH YOUR ISSUES. Which brings me to #4…
  4. Talking to a mental health professional is 110% ok, needful and necessary. It is not a lack of faith, and don’t allow ANYONE to make you feel that way. Your relationship with God has nothing to with what wars in your mind. Can God renew your mind? Absolutely. But people have the gift to pull out of you things that were buried; why not talk to them?! Some of the sludge has to be sifted through to get to better YOU. family
  5. FAMILY IS EVERYTHING! In an attempt to be accepted everywhere else, I neglected my family. I missed a lot of my son’s infant years due to “busy”ness. Behind God, your family (spouse, children, etc.) is most important. Don’t find yourself in a place where you have to put together shattered pieces because you just weren’t paying attention. It’s dark and lonely. Ask me how I know. You can’t make me miss a thing that my family is involved in unless I’m working or really have a pressing thing to do. They have my support and I have theirs.
  6. im okI love hard and give some way more loyalty than they deserve, but you know what…it’s not about them. When you do things from a pure heart, you rest easy. HOWEVER, don’t think you can just run over me or attempt to take advantage of my good heart. Ignore, delete and block work well on ALL my devices. Thank ya nah.
  7. I like what I like; I don’t like what I don’t like, and I don’t have to explain it to anyone.
  8. I know where my talents, gifts and limits lie. I no longer mind saying no, nor do I feel guilty doing so.
  9. I didn’t always work to my potential because I was afraid of what others thought, feared I would fail, got overwhelmed and quit before seeing a task through. None of that is acceptable. I want to work in excellence, so that is what I will strive to do.
  10. Life doesn’t stop just because you didn’t accomplish all you wanted by a certain age. Continue to LIVE and PROSPER; what God has laid up for you didn’t have an age attached to it. Yes, sometimes we are the hold-up, but things will start to come together at just the right time. KEEP MOVING!inspirational-quotes-narcolepsy-the-thing-that-is-really-hard-and-amazing-is-giving-up-on-being-perfect-and-beginning-to-work-on-becoming-yourself

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Vyce (prounounced Vee-see) is the creative genius behind the VMJ Media Group. Imagination. Creative. Social; three words often used to describe dynamic social media influencer, writer and speaker, Vyce Moses-Johnson. Vyce is inspired by her faith, life experiences, motivating others and using her gifts.She is married to Michael Johnson and they have one son, Xavier, affectionately known as "Sir" in social media land.

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