Gems…NOT Costume Jewelry – Built to Last

In this “Gems…NOT Costume Jewelry” blog series, we have explored 3 gem characteristics – quality, authenticity, and being worth more. In this last installment of the series, we will take a look at being built to last. The last criteria of a gem is that it is long-lasting. Think about that for a minute. We’ve purchased costume jewelry in the past and after a while, it starts to lose its color; the paint starts to rub off; pieces of it fall off, or it pops all together making it unable to be worn at all, so you throw it away. You find it isn’t worth your time to fix it. You’ll just get a new one…no big deal, right?

External Builds

Often times we start out in a gem situation. Then as time moves on, any or all of these outside entities can start to show signs of wear.

  • Your career comes to a halt or you realize that it isn’t what you were put on Earth to do; the environment changes due to new management or administration making things difficult to accomplish.
  • He or she is the love of your life. You don’t see one without the other. You’re the best of friends and life is grand cause you’re in each other’s air space. Then the bomb drops…BOOM! Love as you know it has pieces falling off. Chains are popping and you can’t find your charms that rolled under some furniture.
  • The keys to a dream home are in your hands. You had plans to raise your children there, have huge family gatherings, and enjoy the outdoor space. Next thing you know, the roof pops – foreclosure looms, floods come with no insurance.

The gems of your life are falling apart? Let me encourage you AND myself. Just because it looks like costume jewelry doesn’t make it so. What distinguishes true gems is the ability to last through ALL that life throws at it. You don’t throw away a real diamond because the necklace popped or the ring no longer fits. Our cherished heirlooms don’t lose value because a small piece is missing. We still hold them dear and do our best to preserve them because they can be passed down to be of benefit to future generations. There’s a story in our treasures! Stay with me…

Yes, where ever we are in life is where we are and there IS a reason. BUT we still live and breathe. That means the gem can be saved. It is still just as real as the day you obtained it. Your career goals. Your purpose. Your relationship. Your whatever…is real and meaningful. Don’t give your gems over to be pawned for way less than you deserve. Even if the light is a little dim; change the setting and new life can spring forth. Put that priceless pendant on a new gold, silver or platinum chain. Now, what you thought was a lost cause lives again. Walk in your purpose. The road to it takes twists and turns, but keep going. An even larger gem is waiting.

Relationships can tarnish, lose color, have missing pieces, and look like cheap, useless, costume jewelry – tossed around and lost and no one cares to look for it because why? Who needs worthless companionship? I submit to you that there is such a thing as JEWELRY CLEANER and JEWELRY REPAIR. You NEVER abandon your fine jewelry when all it needs is a good cleaning and/or repair. I mean, if it means anything to you, but only you can answer that. Again, it’s still real…just fix it and let it shine. These are examples of things outside of ourselves, but what about the internal builds?

Internal Builds

There is a brilliance within each of us, but we allowed the costume jewelry of life to dull the gem within. We put this costume jewelry on and it wears in our skin like a heavy, tacky, bulky chain. We adorn ourselves in elaborate “jewels” like:

  • Fear
  • Failure
  • Loss
  • Financial setbacks
  • Rejection
  • Insecurity

The list grows until you’re weighted down in stuff that was never meant to last. We decided to wear it and never take it off. You are fine jewelry – a gem and you put the diamond you are in a weak setting! Fear can go, but you are built to last. So what you failed at something? Yes, it hurts. Yes, it stings. Yes, you may be angry. Yes, you may not want to try again, but if you don’t, you let the costume jewelry take over your prize possession – YOU!

img_3057Gems are long-lasting. Far beyond insecurities, rejection, or anything else that seeks to tarnish you from the inside out. Recognize those internal battles for what they are; they are temporary. They can never last unless you choose to wear them every day. Don’t pass them down to future generations. Build love, respect, worthiness, and strength because those precious jewels are here to stay. You, gems, are built to last. Be brilliant. Be great. Be a gem and LIVE ON!