Gems…NOT Costume Jewelry – You’re Worth More!

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The next part of the definition of fine jewelry is that it’s “often considered an investment or something worth collecting and passing down…” When we choose to invest in something, we’re saying you’re worth more than what I’m initially giving you, so therefore more will be returned to me. You’re saying you can get behind the grand idea because it’s a worthwhile effort. We tend to not give our investment of time or money to what we don’t consider to be worth it. Some of us may also possess things that have been passed down from other family members or we acquired it through an estate sale or auction. No matter the means by which you attained it, it’s worth a lot of money and truly is a timely treasure. Here, I’m speaking of things, but what about you? Do you realize that as a gem, you are worth more? Do you understand you are a worthy investment? Maybe by the end of this blog post, you will at least be on the right track to this realization. Here are 3 ways to demonstrate you’re on the path to realizing you’re worth more.

  1. Own your no.
  2. Opinions, trials, and current realities do not determine your worth
  3. Stand on your worth and know you’re worthy to take such a stand.

Own Your No

In an effort to be a gem, we turn ourselves into costume jewelry because we feel that saying yes to all requests helps us to shine. We feel needed or fulfilled in some way or that others will draw to us because of our gracious and giving nature. The real deal is that most people won’t think twice about telling you no despite the fact that you are their yes man or woman. You vow to stop doing stuff for certain people only to turn around and say yes again for fear of losing them as a friend or “influential” acquaintance. Maybe they’ll be offended or mad if you say no and stop talking to you. I’m here to tell you in this blog post – SO WHAT?! Some of these folks have a false sense of entitlement because they think they have done so much for you, why can’t you do anything for them. Forget the fact that you say yes to 9 of the 10 things they ask of you. The first time you say no, you’d swear the apocalypse was near. Now, you never do anything for them. You’re never there when they need you. Blah blah blah… The phone calls are few. The text messages are non existent. Blah blah blah…img_2986-1

Saying yes to most things caused me to lose way more than I ever gained. I lost time when my son was a baby. I missed grand opportunities to enjoy my husband. I felt I HAD to do all this “stuff.” People were depending on me. Who else would do it? Just craziness…I was well into my 30s and I’ll be 40 next year before I realized that no is NOT a 4-letter word. I take that back, it IS a 4-letter word and that word is FREE! Saying no frees you. Saying no keeps your integrity in tact because saying yes to a thing only to realize you can’t put forth the effort or expertise throws a negative light on you. Saying no shows those who really love and care about you that they mean something to you. You can’t get time lost back.

Don’t allow anyone to take you on a guilt trip. Don’t buy that ticket. You say no and you mean it.

Opinions, Trials, and Current Realities Do Not Determine Your Worth

Begin to understand who and what really matters. Some things and some people aren’t worth the time in thought you give them. The opinion of others are just that…opinions. Meaning, someone out there doesn’t feel the way they do, but you take so much stock in this one in particular that your whole world crumbles if “they” see you in a negative light. Perception is a quirky thing. How people see you is NOT your fault, so don’t base your worth on someone else’s thoughts.

You’ve been through some rough times in life. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you had to interrupt your schooling. Maybe you’ve had to move due to foreclosure or eviction. Maybe you’ve experience infant loss like I did. I don’t know your story, but if these things happened in the past, that means you got through it. More than likely the worst of the situation is over. Your worth didn’t diminish in those times of crisis. You’re worth more than a lost house. You’re worth more than time lost from school. img_2984None of these circumstances make you any less worthy than you were before any of it happened to you. Even now, your faith can be tested and your reality may not be what you want it to be. Or it could be everything you want it to be. Good, bad or indifferent – it still doesn’t determine your worthiness.

Worth is internal and eternal.

Stand on Your Worth and Know You’re Worthy to Take Such a Stand

You, loves, are worthy investments because God gave His son to save you. There is a purpose only to be fulfilled by you, and if you were worthless, what good would you be to God to carry out His purpose? I mean if you want to feel that way about yourself, He can always get someone else but His heart is for you to do it.

You declare that you are worthy and make no apologies for it. Yes, you’ve been through some things. Yes, you’ve had a plethora of successes in life. Yes, you’ve been on the mountain and below the valley. You are God’s worthy investment. You are a precious jewel. Diamonds make no apologies for shining. Rubies don’t let anyone steal their sparkle. You sparkle, shine and illuminate WORTH.

Worth More…costume jewelry – wear it, don’t be it.


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