Jigsaw Person

When a puzzle is all put together, it displays some kind of image, but the lines indicate that it can be taken apart again. Some people choose to tape it up and frame it so it remains in-tact for years to come, but even taped up, the puzzle is still fragile, so you have to be careful when handling it. When visitors walk by and see the masterpiece puzzle, they simply admire the pretty picture not thinking about the state the puzzle was in prior to its framed glory. Everyone looks beyond the cracks because it’s presented so well.

A puzzle left on a table for pure decor will eventually start to wear or curl up on the edges. Someone bumps the table and it shifts. It may not come apart, but it’s out of sync and maybe a little lopsided. A small adjustment will make it appear back to normal. Puzzles don’t tend to have much value other than for some brain exercise and entertainment purposes. It just goes back in the box, and no one ever gives it another thought.

Well, someone apparently misplaced a piece, so NOW when the puzzle is put together, it’s never really complete because a part is missing. The picture it made is without a part needed to make it whole. What do you do? I mean, it’s JUST a puzzle. Throw it away and get another one. Who wants a puzzle with a missing piece? That missing piece will bug the crap out you, right?

But wait. There are jigsaw people walking this Earth. They are well put together, but do you know the box they came out of? Did you know how many pieces they were in? This isn’t some kiddy puzzle where there’s 5 or 10 humongous pieces and you know exactly how to make it right. This is a complex being with a back story fresh out the box. Some of their pieces were lost. Some of their edges were starting to wear out. YET, they still walk wholly broken. They couldn’t be framed and preserved, but they still LOOK pretty. Come closer though. Really study the jigsaw person, and you will see the lines are there. The lines that separate their pieces are there. Pieces like…

  • abuse
  • guilt
  • shame
  • arrogance
  • insecurity18214-life-isnt-about-finding-pieces-of-a-puzzle-its-about-creating
  • distrust
  • anger/rage
  • sickness
  • despair 

BUT those pieces come together and present…

  • joy
  • happiness
  • confidence
  • self-reliance
  • strength

Jigsaw persons are complex. Much thought has to be put into how to approach the living conundrum. Handle them with care because you never know from which box they sprang forth. You’ll never know if a piece is missing, but even if it is, you can’t throw them away and get another box. There are no other boxes. You only get one shot at the jigsaw person. No frames – but on display. No tape – but still fragile.

Each and every one of us is a jigsaw, but it is our job to seek understanding and look beyond the lines that separate the pieces of a person. Don’t pull apart the jigsaw person and leave them lifeless with missing pieces thrown to and fro. It is NOT our job to piece them together in the image WE’D like them to be, and if we don’t like the pieces or it gets too hard to put together – just forget it. We can’t bang the pieces with a hammer or shoe (you know how you’d get frustrated with your puzzles) and just MAKE them fit either. Be compassionate, be honest, be kind, be praying…

Love yourself, jigsaw person(s), lines (cracks) and all. Those pieces are just that, pieces. Yes, they make you who you are, but there’s another truth in your whole person. Find that and walk in it. Blessings…

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Vyce (prounounced Vee-see) is the creative genius behind the VMJ Media Group. Imagination. Creative. Social; three words often used to describe dynamic social media influencer, writer and speaker, Vyce Moses-Johnson. Vyce is inspired by her faith, life experiences, motivating others and using her gifts.She is married to Michael Johnson and they have one son, Xavier, affectionately known as "Sir" in social media land.

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