Bricks, Concrete, Stucco, Wood Paneling – What Did You Build YOUR Wall With?

imageI approached a fortress one day. It was strong, sturdy, unmovable, and unbreakable. It was magnificently and meticulously put together – NOTHING could penetrate it or put so much as a chip to it. The architecture was to be admired, but yet upon reaching this mighty dwelling, a great deal of sadness and concern fell on me.

I heard someone, albeit barely. He or she appeared to be sniffling like crying. I called to them, but they didn’t answer. I knew they could hear me, but still – no answer. I walked around to a different side of the wall and called out again – no answer. One more time, I tried, “Are you OK?”

Finally, I realized. A person wasn’t behind the wall. The person WAS the wall. After many moments of being hurt, disappointed, betrayed, and devalued by others, the person became hard, stubborn, distrusting, angry, defeated. With every hit to their heart, a brick formed. As time lingered on, more bricks, more cement that would not give easily to the process of erosion.

Fear of the same disastrous, heart breaking cycle prevented the wall from being scratched. You may approach, even brace yourself on it, but it wasn’t moving. Whomever the wall trusted was inside and there would be no vacancies.

No matter if there was no impending danger to the wall’s well put together structure, no one was coming in. The wall couldn’t risk it. The wall may not have seen previous attacks coming, but it was ready for a fight – even if no war was waged. How to get inside this wall?

Brick dust may fly into the wind, but the edges were still rigid. If one was to brush against it, a scraping of the skin was in their future. The wall takes care of itself. It seemingly stands alone. Come and see this massive structure because it is a sight to behold architecturally but it also blocks some majestic scenery behind it. Scenery like a colorful, brilliant, array of talent. Growing, budding, blossoming gifts… Palaces built on faith in action stand tall and command attention, but who can see them to be awed by them? Who can see the beautiful heart hidden in the masonry? The wall is blocking the view.

The wall is blocking. The wall is blocking. The. wall. is. blocking. Will the wall ever allow anything to chip away at the hardness? Every wallflower isn’t leaning on the wall in hopes it’ll knock it down. Every jackhammer isn’t turned on to forcibly get it down. Every wrecking ball isn’t swinging in it’s direction. So again, HOW to get inside this wall? Sometimes accept that it will take more love, prayer, patience, and love, prayer, and patience (yea, said it twice for a reason) to slowly chip away at the wall. OR wall accept the fact that even with all the above, sooner or later the visitors will become less and wall will be…well…just an ordinary, lonely, unnoticed and unbothered – wall. That’s the life of every wall, right? #shrugs

Welcome to put a PEN in it!

rsz_why-i-writeWelcome to “put a PEN in it!” I’m over the moon excited to share my thoughts, ponderings and revelations with you! I’m a constant comedy show full of sarcasm and quirky humor, but I have a serious love for creative writing in its many forms. I write when I have something to say and most of the time from a place of great reflection, observation, pain or joy (hence the blog title “put a PEN in it”). One would call it inspiration. I write when I’ve been inspired whether good, bad or indifferent. There may be times when the ink in my pen is dry. Then I’ll go through something or begin to think hard on a certain situation, and it gives the pen new life. Then there are times when none of the above are the case, and I just write from whatever thought popped into my mind like some random nothing.

I don’t have one particular genre I write in because I could feel moved to write a poem, but then in another situation – a full-length play, and yet in another – a short story. You never know what my mind will concoct but it always tends to flow just right.

I hope through this blog, you gain some revelations as I have. Maybe your thoughts will be provoked on a subject. You’ll step into my world and my feelings on real situations I went through and writing was my ONLY escape. My writing brings me out of dark places, and I’m extremely thankful for the gift.